By on June 27, 2016

For any body shop this welder is a must!! Not only is it pulling more amps and clamping force then our competitors, the machine is also a fraction of the price, plus it comes with all the Single Sided spot welding and Dent pullers at no charge! Why Pay $34,000.00 for a Welder That you can Buy from CustomToolz For HALF THE PRICE? Unless maybe you think, If you spend more, the better the Quality…


Custom Design

By on March 12, 2016

The Adaptive Modular Lift has flexibility that no other lift can compete with. Our customers can request custom Height, Width, Capacity, Voltage and More. This particular lift can also change from a Base plate lift to a Clear Floor design, all you need our adapter kit and 20 minutes and the switch is done, also This lift comes with the option to install the columns symmetrical or asymmetric. My Favorite feature is the one sided, one handed operation of the lift, just press UP and DOWN to operate.