CT-SWA96 2 Post Alignment Computer

By on December 21, 2018


⦁ Pull the Vehicle that is getting aligned exactly where you are going to lift it and prepare for the measurement process.

⦁ Install the targets and move alignment computer so that your targets are similar to (Figure A). Adjust the imaging cameras distance to the center of the front wheel should be around 88”-94 inches in distance. The camera monitoring screen will show your targets position before alignment starts so you can make adjustments. Try to get the targets as symmetrical as you can. 

⦁ Choose the Year, Make and model of the vehicle you are aligning and place the tire stop in front of the driver side tire (either front or Rear). Press Next to enter runout Compensation. When pushing the car back and forward, make sure not to block the camera’s view of the targets, 

⦁ Fix the brake pedal depressor and click next on the software to enter caster sweep test. Again, targets cannot become obstructed while in the measurement process. Once you are finished with caster swing test, set steering wheel visibly Straight and lock on the steering wheel holder.

⦁ Position Lift arms under vehicle on pick up points or pinch welds. Next Click on the lift Raise Function button( The Computer will record the entire process of your suspension becoming unloaded and keep you measurement values you had on the ground while its in the air)  and lift the vehicle so that the front wheel has just cleared the ground and adjust the steering wheel to the correct position then continue to raise lift until you reach desired working height, put vehicle down on Safety Locks and start your adjustments. (Here you have Caster, Camber, Toe, Total Toe, SAI, Thrust Angle all displayed using live data). Activate lift lowering function and Lower the vehicle when adjustments are complete.

⦁ Finished.