By on June 24, 2016

Customtoolz Accelerated Curing Systems use short wave infrared technology, which provides significant throughput gains, energy cost savings and quality improvements.

Curing time for both prep and paint repair can be reduced by hours, freeing up your technicians to complete additional repairs. There is no need to add accelerators to speed up your curing time; the fast dry time and complete cure from infrared curing technology delivers high quality results that reduce the need for rework.

Electric infrared energy costs are a fraction of the energy costs to run a conventional system. Our systems take just a fraction of a second to heat up and are ready to cure a repair immediately. Cool down is also very quick so the systems can be turned on only when needed and are safe to handle shortly after shutdown.

Customtoolz Systems deliver consistent, controlled heat. Temperature is precisely regulated by easy-to-operate controls and built in digital timers. With short wave infrared curing technology, the drying energy is concentrated on only the panels needing repair and penetrates multiple layers of coatings to heat the substrate beneath.