• Rated Lifting capacity: 9000LB
  • Full rise height: 74.8″ 
  • Initial height : 3″ 
  • Total width: 134.65″
  • Drive through width: 100.71″
  • Full rise time about: 50S
  • Full lowering time about: 50S
  • Working pressure: 19Mpa
  • Power: 220V 1PH
  • Oil volume :10L


This lift is composed of posts, carriages, lifting arms, cylinders and motor unit, etc.
The lift is driven by an electro – hydraulic system. The gear pump delivers hydraulic oil to oil cylinders and pushes upwards the pistons.
The piston raises the carriage and the lifting arms. During lifting process, the safety lock will automatically and firmly bite with the
safety teeth block in the posts. Therefore, no sudden dropping will happen in case the hydraulic system breaks down.



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