2-Cycle Engine Oil 3.2oz

2-Cycle Engine Oil 3.2oz


2-Cycle Engine Oil 3.2Oz30 day warranty on material and workmanship

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Rislone Premium 2-Cycle Engine Oil helps to keep engines clean, reduces smoke emissions and ends gas-can clutter. If youre like most home owners, you probably have more than one gas can to meet the mix ratios for your lawn and garden equipment. Now, Rislone eliminates gas-can clutter with easy-mix convenience. Just one Rislone/gas blend meets the needs of most air-cooled, 2-cycle engines, including weed trimmers, chain saws, leaf blowers, power mowers, compact snow-blowers and garden equipment.

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Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 10.9 × 6.8 × 4.8 in