200 Watt Magnetic Heater

200 Watt Magnetic Heater


Magnetic Heater, 200 Watt, for Engine Blocks, Oil Pans, Snowblowers and Hydraulic Systems30 day warranty on material and workmanship

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A magnetic heater is an electric heater that heats the engine or transmission of a vehicle to give quicker starts and protects your engine from damage that can occur during cold weather starts. Warmed engines also deliver better fuel economy, plus improves oil flow to provide better lubrication to the engine, which reduces wear and increases engine life. Oil and transmission fluids thicken and do not circulate well at cold temperatures. Magnetic heaters transmit heat continuously to keep oils fluid, giving you instant lubrication when starting your engine. Magnetic heaters appeal to the automotive, heavy duty, and farm supply segments, as they have a myriad of uses.Features:

  • Uses include snow blowers, chainsaws, snowmobiles, or other small engines
  • Applications can include oil pan, engine block, battery holder or intake manifold
  • May also be used for warming hydraulic systems or thawing frozen gutters, livestock feeders, locks, and pipes
  • Convenient, reliable with no mechanical installation
  • Thermostatically controlled

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Weight 0.95 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 1.5 in