36″ Air Comb Filter and Radiator Cleaner

36″ Air Comb Filter and Radiator Cleaner


36″ Air Comb? Filter and Radiator Cleaner1 yr warranty on material and workmanship

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Features and Benefits:

  • Flush 90° air flow
  • 5x the air volume
  • Accesses hard-to-reach areas
  • Great for all air filters, radiators, and condensers
  • Extends filter life

The IPA 36″ Air Comb® is a new type of blow gun that cleans radiators, condensers, air filters and much more in just seconds. After connecting the Air Comb® to your compressor the air exits the blow gun at a 90 degree angle, and covers a significant surface area as it is ejected from 5 ports. The result is a thorough and efficient cleaning tool which will not damage the delicate filter medium.

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Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 2.6 × 2 in