4AA Alum Flashight 240 Lumens

4AA Alum Flashight 240 Lumens


4AA Alum Flashight 240 Lumens30 day warranty on material and workmanship

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The 240 Lumen LED DieHard Flashlight features two settings for varied brightness and run times. Containing a super bright LED, the flashlight produces world class brightness and an intense beam of light through 240 lumens output that projects a 174 meter beam distance or conversely switch to the 31 lumen setting for longer usage of over 70 hours. The flashlight is constructed high strength polymer body and aerospace grade anodized aluminum head making it extremely durable. The LED flashlight offers state of the art performance with a tempered optical glass lens that maximizes light output. The DieHard flashlight showcases quick switch technology on its tail cap push button switch. The quick switch design offers either a momentary ON / OFF capability or a constant ON to feature constant illumination. The switch also changes from hi to low settings. The 240 Lumen LED DieHard Flashlight comes complete with 4 AA DieHard cell batteries, allowing for 2 hours and 45 minutes of continuous use. Attached to the bottom is a nylon wrist lanyard for added portability.

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