Inside Size
20.67 x 22.6 x 8.86ft (LxWxH).

Outside Size
25.75 x 23.29 x 10.17ft (LxWxH).

Detailed Description:

Rear wall:  1.0mm thick galvanized steel, painted with a white powder coat.
Front, Left, and Right are PVC curtains with a thickness of 0.5mm. (Optional Solid Walls on left and right are available)

Roof Panel
0.9mm galvanized plate and durable powder coat.

Ceiling Lights
Left and right banks have 4 lighting fixtures, total 16 fixtures. Each fixture is equipped with
4 PHILLIP fluorescent tubes, 36 Watt with two in one electronic ballast.

Basement Structure
1.31ft high, all spare parts of the basement are made of galvanized bent steel and treated with a clear
powder coat for enhanced durability.

Ceiling Filter
Supporting net is made of C shape steel with surface oil painted treatment, sub-high efficiency filter,
F5 Grade (EN779), the type used is SP-600G.


Key Features:

  • Full Down Draft.
  • Filters in Ceiling and Floor.
  • Phillips color Corrected LED Tubes.
  • Electronic Dampeners.
  • Can use a Gas burner or Infrared lights for Heating.
  • SGS Certified
  • UL Listed


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