The Ultimate best kid karaoke machine Baby Checklist

By on October 4, 2021

I wanted this high-ticket item on my registry, but once I assembled it I realized it wasn’t ideal for us and sent it to Grandma’s house. After talking with my new mom friends and seeing their chairs in person I was able to make a more informed purchase, so I wish I had waited to buy one and saved myself some hassle. Another item that several moms told me was a “must-have,” so onto the registry it went. But by the time my son could use it his legs were too chubby to fit comfortably in the seat.

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  • You can also make a registry online through sites like,, and
  • It’s not the most efficient way to go about starting your registry but it’s a great option to look for additional ideas once the most important products have been added to your list.
  • Here’s what I recommend you add to your baby registry checklist as a new mom, furniture-wise.
  • A travel crib like a Pack N’ Play allows you to still have baby close but is also functional as they grow and they are much easier to store.
  • And when the time comes, you can do it in stages so you don’t get overwhelmed—babies don’t immediately go from sitting to walking overnight, after all.

I make my own carriers-Mei Tai and ring slings. I wouldn’t recommend the Bjorn style carriers at all! They don’t support a baby’s spine and hips at all, and there’s a reason why people only use them “a couple times” and they’re all over Craiglist.

Best Baby Products Of 2021

While it can be very cute to see the baby in the monitor, an audio-only monitor is fine and less expensive. You will also need sheets for the baby’s bassinet or co-sleeper, as well as a sleep sack for baby, as blankets are not advised in the early months. At first, you may want to just and cuddle your little one all the time, but of course there will soon be a time where they will need to sit somewhere else and get a bit of stimulation. This is where baby bouncers and swings come in. They don’t need to be fancy; there are swings and bouncers for all different budgets.

Bumbo Floor Seat

You might also want to invest in a good quality pram. Look for one that reclines flat for a newborn but can be converted into a stroller for a toddler. See best kid karaoke machine our checklist for buying a pram to ensure you don’t make an expensive mistake. Many families however prefer to use a baby carrier for new babies and perhaps a cheaper stroller for older babies and toddlers.

You’ll likely need some Newborn but more Size 1 and up. You can always test other cheaper brands but again since these are gifts, register for the nice ones. Bath Tub Seat– There are so many options for baby bath tubs/mats. We chose the AngelCare Bath Support and it works great. I have heard the Blooming Bath for sinks is great as well if you prefer to bath your baby in a sink vs tub. I also recommend large hooded bath towels, baby washcloths, baby wash, and baby lotion.

Car Seat Safety 101: What You Need To Know To Keep Your Kids Safe

You’ll likely need a changing pad in your nursery. We had a “standard” changing pad prior to theKeekaro changing pad. It’s also a great seat to bring with when traveling to a family or friend’s house who don’t have little kids.

As an alternative, you can put your baby in your carrier like the Ergobaby Adapt and keep your big kid in the stroller. But you may find that you don’t appreciate the feeling of having an 11-pound turkey strapped to your chest while pushing forward with both arms. I’ve used both the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier and the Ergobaby Adapt, and I loved both.

When it comes to preparing for a new baby, there’s so much to do. Read this post on preparing for baby’s arrival and get a printable checklist to help keep you on track. We know how easy it is to get overwhelmed with things to do before baby arrives and choosing the baby gear/products. Find out whether the store offers special deals or price match guarantees. Others might give you freebies like samples and coupons for registering with them.